Steve Smith is an IT consultant. Since 2008, Steve has worked on Continuous Delivery and Operability transformation programmes, in leadership and hands-on roles for public and private sector organisations.

Those roles include building a deployment pipeline for 8 teams/70 microliths in a media company with £14Bpa revenue, building an operability toolchain for 60 teams/600 microservices in a UK government department with £500Bpa revenue, and creating a Continuous Delivery & Operability strategy for 30 teams/100 microservices in a high street retailer with £2Bpa website revenue.

Steve is the author of Measuring Continuous Delivery, plus a co-author of A Children’s A to Z of Continuous Delivery and Build Quality In. Steve blogs at, chats on Twitter at @SteveSmith_Tech, and is a regular conference speaker.