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No Release Testing

This series of articles explains why Release Testing – end-to-end regression testing on the critical path – is a wasteful practice that impedes Continuous Delivery and is unlikely to uncover business critical defects. Organisation Antipattern: Release Testing – introduces the Release Testing antipattern and why it cannot discover defects Organisation Antipattern: Consumer Release Testing – introduces the consumer-side […]

More releases with less risk

Continuous Delivery reduces defect probability and cost Continuous Delivery often challenges conventional wisdom within the IT industry, and by advocating the rapid release of value-add to reduce risk it contradicts the traditional belief that a low release cadence is an effective risk reduction strategy. How can releasing software more frequently reduce both defect probability and defect […]

Organisation antipattern: Consumer Release Testing

Consumer Release Testing is high cost, low value risk management theatre Despite the historical advice of Harold Dodge that “you cannot inspect quality into a product” and the contemporary advice of Don Reinertsen that “testing is probably the single most common critical-path queue” the Release Testing antipattern remains prevalent in the IT industry, and is by no means […]

Organisation antipattern: Release Testing

Release Testing is high cost, low value risk management theatre Described by Elisabeth Hendrickson as originating with the misguided belief that “testers test, programmers code, and the separation of the two disciplines is important“, the traditional segregation of development and testing into separate phases has disastrous consequences for product quality and validates Jez Humble’s adage […]

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