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Pipeline antipattern: Artifact Promotion

Promoting artifacts between repositories is a poor man’s metadata Note: this antipattern used to be known as Mutable Binary Location A Continuous Delivery pipeline is an automated representation of the value stream of an organisation, and rules are often codified in a pipeline to reflect the real-world journey of a product increment. This means artifact status as well as artifact content must be tracked as […]

Pipeline pattern: Analysis Stage

Separate out analysis to preserve commit stage processing time The entry point of a Continuous Delivery pipeline is its Commit Stage, and as such manages the compilation, unit testing, analysis, and packaging of source code whenever a change is committed to version control. As the commit stage is responsible for identifying defective code it represents a vital feedback loop for developers, and for […]

Continuous Delivery and Cost of Delay

Use Cost of Delay to value Continuous Delivery features When building a Continuous Delivery pipeline, we want to value and prioritise our backlog of planned features to maximise our return on investment. The time-honoured, ineffective IT approach of valuation by intuition and prioritisation by cost is particularly ill-suited to Continuous Delivery, due to its focus […]

Updating a Pipeline

Pipeline updates must minimise risk to protect the Repeatable Reliable Process We want to quickly deliver new features to users, and in Continuous Delivery Dave Farley and Jez Humble showed that “to achieve these goals – low cycle time and high quality – we need to make frequent, automated releases“. The pipeline constructed to deliver those releases should […]

Pipeline Antipattern: Uber-Artifact

Pipelining inter-dependent applications as uber-artifacts is unscalable Achieving the Continuous Delivery of an application is a notable feat in any organisation, but how do we build on such success and pipeline more complex, inter-dependent applications? In Continuous Delivery, Dave Farley and Jez Humble suggest an Integration Pipeline architecture as follows: In an Integration Pipeline, the successful commit […]

The Merit of Metadata

Metadata increases feedback and ensures value stream integrity In Continuous Delivery, Dave Farley and Jez Humble describe the Lean production principles that underpin Continuous Delivery, and how a pipeline encapsulates a value stream – the journey a customer feature undertakes from discovery to real world consumption. In a pipeline each stage represents a step in the value stream, […]

Pipeline Antipattern: Deficient Deployer

A badly-defined Deployer abstraction impairs Continuous Delivery As Continuous Delivery patterns are gradually establishing themselves, antipatterns are also surfacing – and a common antipattern is the Deficient Deployer. When we talk about a Deployer, we are referring to a pipeline task that can be invoked by any post-Commit stage to deliver an application binary to an […]

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