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Organisation pattern: Trunk Based Development Branching

Trunk Based Development supports Optimistic and Pessimistic Release Branching Trunk Based Development¬†is a style of software development in which all developers commit their changes to a single shared trunk in source control, and every commit yields a production-ready build. It is a prerequisite for Continuous Delivery as it ensures that all code is continuously integrated […]

Application pattern: Vertical Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer vertically to reduce cost of change Application architecture is an oft-overlooked aspect of Continuous Delivery, and an application that encapsulates orthogonal business capabilities is a direct impediment to our stated aim of rapidly releasing small changesets to improve our cycle time. How can we better align technical capabilities with business capabilities, and […]

Application pattern: Verify Branch By Abstraction

Verify Branch By Abstraction extends Branch By Abstraction to reduce risk A fundamental requirement of Continuous Delivery is that the codebase must always be in a releasable state, with each successful pipeline commit resulting in an application artifact ready for production use. This means major changes to application architecture are a significant challenge – how can an architecture evolve […]

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