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End-To-End Testing considered harmful

End-To-End Testing is used by many organisations, but relying on extensive end-to-end tests is fundamentally incompatible with Continuous Delivery. Why is End-To-End Testing so commonplace, and yet so ineffective? How is Continuous Testing a lower cost, higher value testing strategy?

No Release Testing

This series of articles explains why Release Testing – end-to-end regression testing on the critical path – is a wasteful practice that impedes Continuous Delivery and is unlikely to uncover business critical defects. Organisation Antipattern: Release Testing – introduces the Release Testing antipattern and why it cannot discover defects Organisation Antipattern: Consumer Release Testing – introduces the consumer-side […]

Announcing the Build Quality In book

Continuous Delivery and DevOps experience reports from the wild I am delighted to announce Matthew Skelton and I are co-authors of a new book Build Quality In – a collection of Continuous Delivery and DevOps experience reports from the wild. The interdependent disciplines of Continuous Delivery and DevOps can transform the fortunes of an organisation, but […]

More releases with less risk

Continuous Delivery reduces defect probability and cost Continuous Delivery often challenges conventional wisdom within the IT industry, and by advocating the rapid release of value-add to reduce risk it contradicts the traditional belief that a low release cadence is an effective risk reduction strategy. How can releasing software more frequently reduce both defect probability and defect […]

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