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Joining Equal Experts

I’m delighted to announce I’m joining Equal Experts as a full-time Principal Consultant and Operability Practice Lead from 1st October.

Continuous Delivery Consulting & Equal Experts

In 2014, I founded Continuous Delivery Consulting as a boutique consultancy. I wanted to use my knowledge of Continuous Delivery and Operability to help enterprise organisations transform how they deliver and operate software. Continuous Delivery and Operability can be a powerful engine for an organisation to transform itself, from what I call IT As A Cost Centre to IT As A Business Differentiator.

For the past 6 years, Continuous Delivery Consulting has partnered with Equal Experts on multiple large-scale, complex transformation programmes. I’ve had leadership roles in some notable successes:

  • Platform Operations Lead for 60 teams/600 microservices in a UK government department with £500Bpa revenue.
  • Digital Platform Enablement Lead, and then Continuous Delivery & Operability Strategy Lead for 30 teams/100 microservices in a high street retailer with £2Bpa website revenue.

Working with Equal Experts has always been a positive experience. I’ve been challenged to apply Continuous Delivery & Operability to multi-faceted problems affecting 10s of teams and 100s of individuals. I’ve been treated as a grown-up, and strived to respond in kind.

Now, I intend to shift my career in a different direction:

  • I want a different role in enterprise organisations. I’d like to bring Product and IT people together, to help them reap the full benefits of a Digital transformation and delight their customers.
  • I want to engage with CxO stakeholders. I’d like to understand their strategic problems, explain why Product and IT must be transformed simultaneously, and help them understand the power of Continuous Delivery
  • I want to play a bigger role in an organisation. I’d like to work on pre-sales and marketing propositions, to collaborate with people, and play a mentoring role

The right place for me to do that is at Equal Experts.

Equal Experts

I’m a huge admirer of Equal Experts. I like how the founders Thomas Granier and Ryan Sikorsky have built up Equal Experts, particularly the flat organisational structure and the emphasis on treating clients as genuine partners. I’ve worked with some amazing people within the Equal Experts Network, and learned a great deal. And I strongly identify with the Equal Experts Values, such as delivering as a team of equals, responsible innovation, and retaining a delivery focus.

As a Principal Consultant, I’ll act as a strategic advisor to client stakeholders, and provide delivery assurance for Digital Transformation. I’ll collaborate with worldwide business units on new client opportunities, work with people teams on all aspects of recruitment and resourcing, and mentor other Equal Experts consultants.

As an Operability Practice Lead, I’ll offer thought leadership and pragmatic advice to client stakeholders on Continuous Delivery & Operability. I’ll advise clients on how to transform their software delivery and reliability engineering capabilities. I’ll also work with worldwide sales and marketing teams on the core Equal Experts proposition, and curate the Operability community within Equal Experts.

At a time where an ever-increasing number of enterprise organisations are turning towards Digital Transformation and Continuous Delivery, I’m really excited about the future of Equal Experts.

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