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Pipeline Antipattern: Uber-Artifact

Pipelining inter-dependent applications as uber-artifacts is unscalable Achieving the Continuous Delivery of an application is a notable feat in any organisation, but how do we build on such success and pipeline more complex, inter-dependent applications? In Continuous Delivery, Dave Farley and Jez Humble suggest an Integration Pipeline architecture as follows: In an Integration Pipeline, the successful commit […]

Pipeline Antipattern: Deficient Deployer

A badly-defined Deployer abstraction impairs Continuous Delivery As Continuous Delivery patterns are gradually establishing themselves, antipatterns are also surfacing – and a common antipattern is the Deficient Deployer. When we talk about a Deployer, we are referring to a pipeline task that can be invoked by any post-Commit stage to deliver an application binary to an […]

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