An book on the what, why, and how of measuring Continuous Delivery adoption within an organisation

The latest ebook from Steve Smith is now available – “Measuring Continuous Delivery“.

Measuring Continuous Delivery” covers the what, why, and how of measuring Continuous Delivery adoption within an organisation. It is aimed at executives, managers, practitioners, and anyone else involved in Continuous Delivery adoption efforts.

From the introduction:

Continuous Delivery is a set of holistic principles and practices to reduce time to market and provide an organisation with a strategic competitive advantage, but adoption is invariably a challenging and time-consuming journey. Before adoption, the current time to market and desired time to market are often unknown, which makes alignment and collaboration between individuals, teams, and departments difficult. During adoption practices, techniques, and tools are often introduced without acceptance criteria, with makes it hard to assess and learn from the impact of changes.

What does a successful Continuous Delivery outcome look like, how do we move towards that outcome, and how do we measure our progress along the way?

Measuring Continuous Delivery” is being incrementally published on Leanpub in the weeks and months to come. Buy your copy today!

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