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Discontinuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a set of principles and practices to improve the stability and throughput of a release process. But what does it mean to be practising Continuous Delivery? What comes beforehand, what comes afterwards, and how many deploys a day do you actually need?

Publishing the Measuring Continuous Delivery book

An book on the what, why, and how of measuring Continuous Delivery adoption within an organisation The latest ebook from Steve Smith is now available – “Measuring Continuous Delivery“. “Measuring Continuous Delivery” covers the what, why, and how of measuring Continuous Delivery adoption within an organisation. It is aimed at executives, managers, practitioners, and anyone else involved in […]

End-To-End Testing considered harmful

End-To-End Testing is used by many organisations, but relying on extensive end-to-end tests is fundamentally incompatible with Continuous Delivery. Why is End-To-End Testing so commonplace, and yet so ineffective? How is Continuous Testing a lower cost, higher value testing strategy?

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